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Waxing treatments, both men and women

Harley Hot Wax

Harley Waxing offers a complete hot wax system. Using only the finest natural ingredients. Harley Wax delivers superior results, gently removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. At the same time the wax's low melt temperature, super pliability and gentle formulas provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for client comfort.

The secret of the product's almost pain free hair removal, reduced redness and extreme effectiveness is that instead of adhering to the skin, it shrink wraps and adheres to the hairs themselves, ensuring clients a far more comfortable depilatory experience. All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.
• Remove hair as short as 1mm
• Does not leave a sticky residue
• Can be reapplied to the same area 2-3 times
• Made from pine tree resin, beeswax & essential oils
• Not tested on animals.

Under-arm hot wax


Brazilian hot wax

(Clean underneath with strip left to the front)

Hollywood hot wax

(Completely clean)

Waxing - Strip Wax Prices

Full Leg


Half Leg






Full Arm


Half Arm


Lip / Chin per area

Please note: To use hot wax on any other area please add £5.00 to the strip wax price.